Adviral media i konkurs

(Last Updated On: 1 juli, 2020)

Adviral media tvingas sätta sig själva i konkurs (inledd 2020-06-26). Adviral media har varit en affiliateplattform mellan annonsörer och influencers och gett ersättning till influencers per sale, lead eller klick.
Adviral har under de senaste åren haft i snitt 8 anställda och redovisade ett svagt positivt resultat fram till år 2017. Konkursförvaltare tittar på vilka möjligheter det finns att driva bolaget vidare.

Här är mailet som man skickade ut till sina publishers:

Due to the tough times that we are all going through right now, it is with great sadness that we need to announce that we have had to make the hard decision to let the company Adviral go bankrupt. In the middle of this world pandemic and economic crisis, we have done what we have been able to do to avoid this outcome. Adviral has been driven by various corporate boards that led to this decision.
There have been several amazing and educational years, which are unfortunately coming to an end. We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for this time. We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to work with you all.
The bankruptcy trustee is now investigating whether there are conditions to continue Adviral AB’s operations during the bankruptcy and will notify it in the future.
In these difficult times we are still glad for the time we have had, and if the interest is to continue with adlinks, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you. We don’t see this as the end, we see this as an opportunity, a new start.
Huge thanks for this time,The Adviral Team